Quality Control Department
Equipped with Plug and Ring Guages, Micrometers, Vernier Caliper, Dial Caliper, Dial Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Surface Plate, Straight edges, Slip Gauges, Sound Level Meter, Sound Level Calibrator, Hardness Tester, Temperature Meter, Crack Detector, Tachometer, Surface tester, Optical flat, Pitch Comparator, Screw Pitch Micrometer, Bench Center, Frame Level (L.C. 0.02 mm / mt)
The quality control and Inspection department functions independently under the guidance of a manager and compromise of Quality Control Engineer and team of Inspectors. The Q.C. department controls the Quality by carrying out inspection of incoming raw materials, brought out components and at all stages of manufacturing till the dispatch of the machine.
Raw Material Control
All incoming raw material such as C.I. Castings, Steel, Non- Ferrous materials etc., are tested / checked on 100% basis for physical properties and chemical composition as per standard specifications. The materials are inspected / tested for visible defects, hardness, tensile strength, equipped with material testing facilities such as, Rockwell Hardness, tester, Universal hardness tester, Electromagnetic crack detector and D.P. test. All non-confirming materials are rejected and returned to the suppliers.
Control of brought of Components
All brought out components are inspected before using them, Components not confirming to specification are rejected and returned to the suppliers. Inspection is done with respect to standard specification and drawings. Critical components are checked on 100% basis and non-critical components are checked on sampling basis. Electrical components, equipments, bearing, fasteners etc., purchased are of reputed make.
Packing Controls
After final inspection and test of the machine, it is ensured that the machine is well protected till dispatch. Packing of the machine is checked and ensured that it is made strong, sturdy and weather proof to provide protection against damage, dust etc. during transit.
Metrology Controls
The Q.C. department is well equipped with a variety of precision measuring gauges are done; it dusts proof and has controlled temperature. Standards such as slip blocks, optical flats, comparatives are used for calibration. All worn out, defective and damage gauges etc. are discarded.
Quality Records
Records are kept for inspection / testing carried out during all storage of manufacturing the machine i.e. from incoming raw material up to dispatch of the machine.